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Class 2 Cabinets: Mars Pro range

Class 2 Cabinets: Mars Pro Range

Biological safety cabinets class 2, triple filter protection - Mars Pro
The Mars Pro are a series of triple filter Class II Cabinets, which incorporate the latest in laminator technology, energy-saving designs and construction, with HEPA-filtration giving the ultimate in protection for you, your products and your laboratory. A range of options are available to tailor the basic models to your exact requirements.
Principle of Operation

The air flow enters the biological safety cabinet work chamber via the front aperture and continues under the worktop, and up the rear plenum where 70% is recirculated through the two main HEPA filters, providing the down flow and 30 % exits out through the HEPA filter to exhaust.

The vertical laminar flow recirculation provides Operator Protection by means of inflow, Product Protection by means of down flow and Environmental Protection by means of the filtered exhaust.

The triple HEPA filter system ensures the elimination of any possible cross contamination. The air in the work chamber has to pass through two sets of main HEPA filters.

This makes the Mars Pro the ideal choice of cabinet for working with hazardous materials such as cytostatic, virus manipulation and category 3 pathogens.
Available in four different working width sizes
900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm or 1800 mm
The Mars Pro cabinets are manufactured & tested in compliance with EN 12469.
All models are available with a wide range of high-quality customized options to suit your individual needs or requirements.
Leaving a "greener-footprint"

The Mars Pro cabinets take full advantage of the latest innovative energy-efficient fans and optimized air flows, contributing to lower energy consumption and reduction of the noise level. Lower energy consumption also results in less heat transmission, both into the work chamber and to the laboratory environment, contributing significantly to reduced overall energy costs.

At LaboGene we focus on four benefits that are built-in as standard features of the Mars Pro family of Class2 Safety Cabinets: 

  • Operator & Environment Safety
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Noise Reduction

By concentrating on all these aspects, we have created optimal solutions for customers that strive to create the best working environment for their employees, whilst increasing efficiency, improving safety and leaving a “greener- footprint”

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Product Code Working width Basket
Mars Pro 900 900mm
Mars Pro 1200 1200mm
Mars Pro 1500 1500mm
Mars Pro 1800 1800 mm
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