Precision Bore Tubing

Here at GPE Scientific we manufature and supply borosilicate glass tubing from sizes 3.5mm – 152.4mm (6”) internal diameter. We are able to manufacture to extremely tight tolerances: Up to 35mm internal diameter ± 0.01mm, Over 35mm internal diameter ± 0.04% of bore. Our standard production length is 1000-1200mm.

We can cut, grind and modify the borosilicate glass tubing into a variety of designs so please let us know your requirements.

Do you offer other types of glass? Alongside Borosilicate tubing we also offer Quartz/Silica and Lead glass.
What sizes of Precision Bore Tubing are available? Please see our standard sizes of Precision Bore Tubing which are listed and manufactured in medium wall as standard. However, various wall thicknesses in each size are available so please get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Or for bespoke glass enquiries, please send your drawings to us (email to [email protected])

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