Laboratory Builds & Services

Laboratory Builds

"Walk into a room and turn it into a lab" - is what GPE offer when it comes to transforming your new or growing laboratory into a site completely fit for your research. Our expert team of lab build managers & applications specialists will put your science at the heart of the laboratory design process to create your ideal lab.

  • Application-Led Design and MOCs
  • Full Extraction Design
  • Custom Fume Hood Solutions
  • HVAC & Balancing
  • Portable Containment Solutions
  • Complete Cryogenic Solutions
  • Purpose-Built Lab Furniture
  • Project Management
  • CAD & Validation
  • Continued Support

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Laboratory Relocations

Moving laboratories can bring with it whole host of complications, and mistakes can be expensive when your valuable equipment is on the line. GPE are partnered with Restore Harrow Green to get your new laboratory up and running as quickly and safely as possible.

We are equipped to deal with any laboratory situation, including the handling of chemicals & hazardous materials, specimen samples & cold chain materials, clean rooms and more. One of our experienced applications specialists will be on hand to support you throughout the full process.

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Vacuum Pump Servicing

GPE are partnered with VacPro to provide servicing and maintenance to Vacuum Pumps & Gloveboxes.

Their teams in the UK and in Denmark are experienced in many different vacuum applications and are well known for their exceptional customer service and support. VacPro are specialists in all kinds of vacuum processes and vacuum applications and have a combined experience of over 60 years in the field of vacuum.

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Microbiological Containment Facility Install & Service

GPE are partnered with British Clinical Services to provide specialist installation, validation, fumigation & maintenance of microbiological containment facilities.

Specialising in Class I, Class II, Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow and PCR workstations, they are uniquely positioned to deliver Safety Cabinet Installation and Maintenance across the country.

BCS is fully accredited with ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 by The British Assessment Bureau.

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Cryogenic Servicing

Give yourself peace of mind over your critical samples with GPE cryogenics.

The safety and security of samples, equipment, and ultimately users are at the core of a successful cryogenics system. It's crucial to have the correct preventative measures in place to prevent cold leaks, soft liquid nitrogen tanks and many other dangerous scenarios that can arise from improper maintenance of cryogenic equipment.

Whether you have a single tank or a whole biobank, GPE are here to help guarantee the safety and stability of your cryogenic systems and ensure the smooth storage of your samples.

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