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Liebherr Refrigerators

Laboratory refrigerators, distributed throughout the UK and Ireland by GPE Scientific Ltd, have to meet the highest criteria in terms of security and reliability.
Precise electronic controls, a forced-air cooling system and highly effective insulation work together to ensure outstanding energy efficiency, so that operating costs are low and the environment is protected.
Advanced components and precision controls ensure that substances and materials are stored as optimally as possible.

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Product Code Gross Capacity (Litre)External Dimensions (CM)Energy Consumption (24hrs) Basket
LCexv 4010 361200x60x61.51.800 kWh / 24h
LCv 4010 MediLine 361200x60x61.51.800 kWh / 24h
LKexv 3600 MediLine 333164x60x610.947 kWh / 24h
LKexv 3910 MediLine 360184x60x61.50.865 kWh / 24h
LKPv 1420 MediLine 1427215x143x832.297 kWh / 24h
LKPv 1423 MediLine 1427215x143x833.923 kWh / 24h
LKPv 6520 MediLine 601215x70x831.775 kWh / 24h
LKPv 6523 MediLine 601215x70x832.731 kWh / 24h
LKPv 8420 MediLine 856215x79x982.400 kWh / 24h
LKUexv 1610 MediLine 14182x60x61.50.863 kWh / 24h
LKUexv 1610 MediLine 14182x60x61.50.863 kWh / 24h
LKUv 1610 MediLine 14182x60x61.50.747 kWh / 24h
LKv 3910 MediLine 360184x60x61.50.846 kWh / 24h
LKv 3913 Mediline 360184x60x61.51.315 kWh / 24h
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