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The 50 ml Auto Burette

Key Features:

• Extremely fast 

• No run out time required

• Meniscus free

• Deliveries to +or- 0.01ml

The 50 ml AutoBurette offers outstanding accuracy and speed advantages over all other standard burettes.  The AutoBurette is designed with a ground vernier graduated piston which fits perfectly into the heavy wall precision bore graduated burette. The readings are then taken from the 10 divisions of the piston matching the nine divisions of the burette.

The principle is that there is 25mm of liquid above the piston which acts as the lubricant by wetting the inside wall of the burette. This allows the liquid below the piston to be dispensed without the necessity of a fixed run-out time. Supplied with two cone rod fittings, one fixed to bring the piston to a stop at automatic zero, the other with a screw cap fixing head through which is passed a glass rod enabling the user to select any delivery within the capacity range.

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