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STELLA® Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

The STELLA® series is a set of robust, vacuum super insulated dewars for working with liquid nitrogen in laboratories, industry and research.

The Cryotherm STELLA® series includes working vessels for liquid nitrogen, with and without lid, for cooling components and biological materials.

Special designs are also available.

  • with flat bottom
  • Stable and protected from edges
  • also available with flange (version STELLA® F)

Versions in different sizes and variants:

  • STELLA® - for open work in the laboratory
  • STELLA® D - with lid mainly for research and industry
  • Special versions, e.g. with gas-tight welded stainless steel flange
  • for connection to cold holding systems like detectors


Full Technical Specifications can be found in the downloads section below

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Product Code Product NameVolume (L)Height Outside (mm)Height Inside (mm)Diameter Outside (mm)Diameter Inside (mm) Basket
0791308 STELLA® 65/1800.62031808765
0791309 STELLA® 85/2051.1623120610785
79408223 STELLA® 100/2852.23312285122199
0791311 STELLA® 185/2707.25300270200185
78206421 STELLA® D 250/45022.1570450305250
0791085 STELLA® D 300/75053870750355300
0791087 STELLA® D 400/50062.8620500455400
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