IC Biomedical (formerly Taylor Wharton) Dewars are used for storing samples in liquid nitrogen (Vapour and Liquid phases depending on the vessel) as well as storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen.

LD series - liquid nitrogen dewars – aluminium - For storing, carrying and pouring LN2

HC series - high capacity refrigerators - aluminium, canister-type - Optimum storage capacity up to 18840 straws or 1656 vials - Storage in canisters - Wide mouth for easy access - Long holding times - up to 73 days in only 36 litres of nitrogen - HCL12: low profile for ease of storage

XT series - extended time refrigerators - aluminium, canister-type - Low evaporation rate - Very long holding times - up to 340 days - Straw or vial storage in canisters - Most with lockable lid for security - Sizes from 3 to 34 litres

CX series - cryo-express - aluminium, canister-type - IATA-approved for air transportation of noninfectious samples - Compact lightweight design - 100ml and 500 vial (or blood bag) versions - Absorbent inside inner vessel holds the LN2 - Shipping cases available

LS series - laboratory systems - aluminium, rack-type - Increased storage and holding time - Box-type racks for easy identification and retrieval - Low evaporation rates; fewer refills - Large vial capacity (750 to 6000) - LS3000,LS4800 and LS6000 can be fitted with controller

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