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HR-A / HR-AZ Series

The HR-A/-AZ Series are entry-level Compact Analytical Balances with a shatterproof, anti-static draft shield. The rotary doors also give HR-A/Z balances the smallest footprint ever in an A&D analytical (0.1mg) balance.

  • Robust construction, strong protection against dust & water
  • Built-in internal calibration at the touch of a button (HR-AZ)
  • Shock absorber function
  • Auto power ON/OFF function
  • B5 size footprint for use in narrow space
  • Reverse backlit LCD display for easy to read weighing results
  • SCF – Statistical calculation function
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Fast compact SHS sensor, response time of about 2 seconds
  • Quick USB interface – no driver installation required (optional)
  • LAN – Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software (optional)
  • Easily removable large breeze break
  • Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery pack (optional)
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Product Code Item DescriptionCapacityResolutionPan Size Basket
HR-100A 102g0.1mgØ 90mm
HR-150A 152g0.1mgØ 90mm
HR-251A 62g/252g0.1mg/1mgØ 90mm
HR-250A 252g0.1mgØ 90mm
HR-100AZ 102g0.1mgØ 90mm
HR-150AZ 152g0.1mgØ 90mm
HR-251AZ 62g/252g0.1mg/1mgØ 90mm
HR-250AZ 252g0.1mgØ 90mm
FXi-OP-02 Quick USB interface with cable
FXi-OP-08 LAN Ethernet output
FXi-OP-09 NiMH Battery pack
AX-FX-31i Transparent plastic covers (5 pcs)
AD-1654 Density measurement kit
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