Foster FPLC Cabinets

Foster cabinets, recognised for having excellent temperature stability, are ‘recommended’ by formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences for cooling their ÄKTA systems. Each unit is fully customised to your exact requirements, eg number & position of access ports, electric sockets & scaffold rods – even down to size of 2-tier keg rack or placement of shelving, specific to equipment dimensions. We offer delivery & siting by specialist carriers who can tip/tilt/stairwalk to get into laboratories (subject to site survey)

Chromatography Cabinets for FPLC Systems: Two sizes – pre-configured plus bespoke accessories/options

  • Utilising Foster EcoPro G3 Fridges – UK Manufacturer –  Smartphone style controller
  • Two sizes available – 700mm wide single door & 1440mm wide double door (600 & 1350 litres)
  • Double door unit will take two ÄKTA pure units, each with fraction collector & sample pump
  • Stainless steel interior & exterior – prevents corrosion inside the cabinets
  • Digital temperature control with visual & audible alarms – Digital display to 0.1°C 
  • Supplied on castors all braked/lockable
  • Refrigerator cabinet temperature range: 1° to 12°C (factory setpoint 4.5°C)
  • Fully insulated, self closing, lockable safety-glass door(s) with LED lighting
  • IP66 waterproof double internal electric socket(s)
  • Mid-height 65mm access port(s) with modified foam stopper to allow communications cable access
  • Low-level 65mm access port(s) with modified foam stopper for waste line/drain exit
  • Environmentally-friendly R290 refrigerant gas
  • Stainless steel two-tier rack for ÄKTA & fraction collector – (530x650mm)
  • Special sliding shelf assembly on retractable runners (max load 80kg)
  • Overtemperature cut-out thermostat to cut power to ÄKTA(s) if refrigeration stops – prevents expensive columns being destroyed by over-heating
  • Fixed scaffold rod assembly for supporting longer columns
  • Wire shelf conversion platform sheet in stainless steel – for converting wire shelf to flat surface


Product Code Product Description External Dimensions (HxWxD mm) Wire Shelves (40kg Max) Access Ports 2-Tier Racks (300kg Max) Sliding Shelves (100kg Max) Scaffold Rod Support Stainless Platform Sheet Quantity Quote Basket
AMCHR700-1 Foster Cabinet AMCHR700-1 2080x700x820 3 1 1 - - Optional
AMCHR700-2 Foster Cabinet AMCHR700-2 2080x700x820 3 2 - 1 - 1
AMCHR1400-1 Foster Cabinet AMCHR1400-1 2080x1440x820 6 1 1 Optional Optional Optional
AMCHR1400-2 Foster Cabinet AMCHR1400-2 2080x1440x820 6 2 2 - Optional -
AMCHR1400-3 Foster Cabinet AMCHR1400-3 2080x1440x820 6 2 Optional 1 Optional 1
AMCHR1400-4 Foster Cabinet AMCHR1400-4 2080x1440x820 6 4 - 2 Optional 2
AMCHR1400-5 Foster Cabinet AMCHR1400-5 2080x1440x820 6 4 - 2 1 2


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