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Software for device control, visualisation and documentation
SpyLight® is a software for visualisation and documentation of process-relevant data. Communication occurs over RS232, RS485 or TCP/IP. The installation is very simple. SpyLight® requires hardly any hard disk space and is very easy to use. The recorded data are displayed over a time axis. The axes of the diagram are freely scalable in the process. A zoom function simplifies the graphics evaluation of individual time sections.

Software SpyLight (English)
Software SpyLight (German)
SpyControl® is based on SpyLight® but offers significantly more functionality. Installation and operation are virtually identical. SpyControl® can record up to 10 channels at the same time. Every data channel is independently documented and the graphical visualisation options are also freely configurable. Using SpyControl® the user can execute the following device functions for every active channel:
  • nominal value specification
  • change internal/process temperature control
  • Start/Stop function
SpyControl® is also used if one of these maximum of ten devices should be controlled by a programmer. A temperature program can additionally be specified for a device which can then run automatically. The segments are entered in a user-friendly way over a graphical editor.

Software SpyControl Evaluation (English)
Software SpyControl Evaluation (German)

    (free evaluation version, validity 30 days)
Software SpyControl

    (full version, license key required)


Flash software for Pilot ONE       
The software "Pilot ONE Flasher" makes it possible to add company updates to the Pilot ONE controller. A Windows PC with USB connection and a corresponding connection cable are required to run it. In addition, an Internet connection is required to download new firmware versions. The following installation packages include the software including the manual and USB driver (English and German). Two installation packages are available We recommend the version with a digital signature for the secure use of firmware files.

Pilot ONE Flasher with digital signature
    (recommended version)
Note: This software includes modules for the use of digital signatures. Please check if this is permissible in your country.
Pilot ONE Flasher without digital signature
Active-Board Flasher

Pilot Remote Software      
The Pilot Remote software enables the complete remote control of Huber temperature control units with Pilot ONE via a Windows PC. The user display of the Pilot ONE is equally displayed on the PC, this means identical operation on PC and temperature control unit. The communication takes place via Ethernet network connectivity with a secure authentication and encoding. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit). If you buy the software, a hardware dongle (required for executing) is included in the delivery package.

Software Pilot Remote
    Note: A licence with dongle must be purchased to use this software

  Software zur Gerätesteuerung, Visualisierung und Dokumentation
Driver package for Pilot ONE       
This software installs a virtual COM port on a Windows PC, which allows communication between a PC and Pilot ONE via the USB interface.

Pilot ONE driver package
  Diese Software installiert einen virtuellen COM-Port auf einem Windows-PC, der die Kommunikation zwischen PC und Pilot ONE über die USB-Schnittstelle ermöglicht. 
Driver packages for KISS / OLÉ       
This software installs a virtual COM port on a Windows PC, which allows communication between a PC and KISS/OLÉ units via the USB interface.

Driver download  (external Link)
  Diese Software installiert einen virtuellen COM-Port auf einem Windows-PC, der die Kommunikation zwischen PC und Pilot ONE über die USB-Schnittstelle ermöglicht. 
pySoftcheck – Python programming example     
pySoftcheck is a sample application using the Python programming language. The programming sample facilitates training on the subject digital interface communication (Ethernet, RS232, USB) with Huber thermostats. The sample application requires the components Python 2.7.4 and pyserial 2.6 from the Runtime Package.

Software pySoftcheck

pyCommand – Simply try the communication     
A graphical program to help support the Huber command sets. The software can be used to send individual commands to a Huber unit. This allows the communication to tried without having to write any software. The program can be used with the RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces.


Lab View – Programming examples     
LabView programming examples for controlling Huber units using PB/PP commands.

for Pilot ONE using PB commands

for KISS/OLÉ using PP commands 

Runtime Package     
This package installs runtime libraries which are required for some applications.

Huber Runtime Package

PB Commando Wrapper DLL     
DLL software library for simplified programming of PB command sequences. Download including PDF documentation and syntax examples in C++ and C-Sharp.

PB Wrapper DLL


Service Software     
Huber service software offers various functions for fault diagnosis. Operating parameters and performance data for Huber temperature control units can be recorded and evaluated by our service technicians. Please contact our technical support team if you are interested.



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