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ULUF P820 Ultra Low Temp. Freezer - Double Security
DAI 1815

ULUF P820 Ultra Low Temp. Freezer - Double Security

  • RANGE -40 / -90 °C

The ULUF P820 freezer -90°C features our dual cooling system, that consists of two independent systems offering you the best security. In case of any failure with one of the cooling systems, the other system will still maintain the temperature at -80°C. Thereby, your samples will not be affected by any challenge caused by an unexpected system failure, until service is provided.

This is possible due to our highly reliable single compressor technology. 

Main features

  • Dual cooling system for double security
  • Maximum cooling of compressors with airflow control
  • VIP panels to secure lowest energy consumption
  • ECO mode that significantly reduces energy consumption
  • Reduced noise level down to 49 dB
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Easy removable inner doors
  • Insulated inner doors
  • 100% HCFC/CFC free
  • Filterless construction
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Product Code Temperature range (°C)Max. ambient temperature (°C)Capacity (L)Exterior dimensions WxDxH (mm)Interior dimensions WxDxH (mm)Weight (KG)Insulation (mm) Quote Basket
DAI 1815 -40 / -90258151285x1002x1999996x620x1320273120
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