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GF / GX Series

Our patented Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology improves response speed and minimizes maintenance costs. SHS combines the best of magnetic force restoration and single point load sensing technologies. The GF series features External Calibration while the GX series adds Internal calibration and OIML-EC to some models.

  • EC Type approved
  • Date & time
  • Animal weighing function
  • Fast – response time just 1 second!
  • Many models, including large weighing capacities for a given precision: 1,100g x 1mg, 6,100g x 0.01g, and 8,100g x 0.1g
  • One-touch automatic internal calibration
  • Automatic self calibration due to changes in the ambient temperature
  • External calibration
  • Large, bright VFD display
  • Percentage, counting and comparator function
  • ACAI Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement
  • Data memory function
  • GLP, GMP and ISO compliant
  • Standard RS-232C interface
  • WinCT Communications software (download)
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Product Code Item DescriptionCapacityResolutionVerification ValuePan Size Basket
GF-200 210g0.001g128 x 128mm
GF-300 310g0.001g128 x 128mm
GF-600 610g0.001g128 x 128mm
GF-800 810g0.001g128 × 128mm
GF-1000 1100g0.001g128 x 128mm
GF-1200 1210g0.01g165 x 165mm
GF-2000 2100g0.01g165 x 165mm
GF-3000 3100g0.01g165 x 165mm
GF-6100 6100g0.01g165 x 165mm
GF-6000 6100g0.1g165 x 165mm
GF-8000 8100g0.1g165 x 165mm
GX-200-EC 210g0.001g0.01g128 x 128mm
GX-400-EC 410g0.001g0.01g128 x 128mm
GX-600-EC 610g0.001g0.01g128 x 128mm
GX-800 810g0.001g128 x 128mm
GX-1000 1100g0.001g128 x 128mm
GX-2000-EC 2100g0.01g0.1g165 x 165mm
GX-4000-EC 5100g0.01g0.1g165 x 165mm
GX-6100-EC 6100g0.01g0.1g165 x 165mm
GX-6000-EC 6100g0.1g1g165 x 165mm
GX-8000-EC 8100g0.1g1g165 x 165mm
AX-073002691-S GFX transparent plastic covers (mg models, 5 pcs)
AX-073002692-S GFX transparent plastic covers (not mg models, 5 pcs)
GX-OP-02 Quick USB interface
GX-OP-04 Comparator output and buzzer
GX-OP-06 Analog output
GX-OP-10 GFX Glass breeze break (mg models)
GX-OP-11 GFX Glass breeze break (not mg models)
GX-OP-12 Animal weighing pan
GX-OP-13 Density measurement kit
AD-1682 Rechargeable, portable power supply unit
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